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Empower your fleet: optimize your route and plan your deliveries. All with just a simple click.


Optivo is a startup born to support logistics companies on their daily activities. We use our technology to offer the best routes for your fleet, so you can minimize your costs and give a boost to your efficiency.


veihicles used


km traveled


savings on fleet management costs

Easily import your data

Upload the necessary information about your customers, depots and vehicles easily via Excel. You will be guided step by step by a simple and intuitive platform. Don't worry, if you don't have a template, we'll provide it for you.

Digitize your data

Let’s create your online database in just a few steps. You will always have all the details of your deposits, vehicles and customer and order data at hand.

Optimize your routes with a simple click

Update personal data, set constraints and objectives and calculate routes with a simple click. Monitor the points on the map and export the results to an Excel sheet.


scheduled deliveries everyday


km managed everyday


CO2 kg saved everyday

Get the data with dedicated apps

Calculation of fleet emissions

Emergencies? Replan your routes in real time

But our features don't stop there

About us

Optivo was born from the idea of 4 young italian graduates with experience in the logistics sector, research studies in optimization algorithms and entrepreneurial spirit.

Gabriele Gangemi


Daniele Mazzotta


Giuseppe Vaccaro


Maurizio Piredda


Our path

The idea grew and established itself through a series of incubation and acceleration programs, both nationally and internationally.

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